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How digitally automated workflows improve car repair efficiency
Industry insights
Digitalisation is reshaping many aspects of businesses by optimising processes and streamlining workflows. We have compiled how digitalised car repair handling improves efficiency.
How digital and automated reporting benefits fleet- and claim managers
Industry insights
Read how automated reporting brings unique insight into the repair process and enables concise monitoring and controlling
How Old Mutual Insure digitally transformed its recoveries and liabilities claim settlement process
Partner spotlight
Digital repair and claim handling has optimised OMI's cycle times, lowered costs and increased customer satisfaction
The 5 most important repair handling needs for fleet- and claim managers in 2021
Industry insights
Find out the most pressing needs of managers dealing with car damage repairs in 2021, and learn how digitalisation improves the repair management process
How companies benefit by improving the car repair journey for their drivers
Industry insights
Read more about the benefits companies gain by improving the drivers' repair journey digitally
Everything fleet- and claim managers need to know about digital ecosystems
Industry insights
Learn more about emerging ecosystems, their benefits, and how they can help companies refine the service which they offer to their drivers.
The 5 most important needs of drivers when dealing with car damage
Industry insights
Gain insight into the 5 most essential needs that drivers have when dealing with car damage repairs, and learn how to accommodate them.
How digitalisation can fuel driver satisfaction
Industry insights
Find out why there is a pressing need to digitalise the driver repair journey and how companies can benefit.
Why it is high time to improve the repair journey for your drivers
Industry insights
How digitalisation can help optimise the repair journey for drivers and increase your company’s operational efficiency.
Everything there is to know about handling repairs of ADAS-equipped vehicles
Industry insights
ADAS bring new challenges in handling car damage repairs, here's everything you need to know.
How Fixico identifies the optimal repair solution for each car damage
Allocating repairs has become an essential aspect of car damage repair management, explore our real-time tendering and intelligent steering options.
The understated effect of electric vehicles on repair management
Industry insights
Why the cost and duration of electric vehicle repairs can be higher and what can be done to optimise them.
How Ballast Nedam lowered its car damage repair cost by 27%
Partner spotlight
The construction company improved drivers’ satisfaction, lowered repair costs and reduced cycle times.
CTG and its drivers benefit from digital car damage repair management
Partner spotlight
Digitalisation has improved CTG's car damage repair handling process on every metric.
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