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Car owners, body repair shops, and businesses of any size use Fixico’s online platform and marketplace to handle car damage repairs like never before

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Leading a traditional industry into the digital era

With Fixico, repair handling is no longer dependent on labour-intensive and supply-driven methods. With technology at our core, we’re building a balanced and healthy ecosystem that benefits everyone in the industry. Processes are more efficient than ever, repairs are allocated intelligently, and repair journeys are quick and convenient.

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Ensuring the right solution for each damage in an evolving industry

The automotive industry is continuously in development. New vehicles are smarter, safer and increasingly complex. As a result, body repair shops have to specialise and invest in new repair methods, tooling and qualifications. At the same time, drivers expect nothing but a smooth repair experience. These high-expectations are only natural, considering that tasks like ordering food, buying tickets or arranging a taxi are now handled within a few clicks by seamless usage of digital marketplaces. Faced with these challenging market developments in a traditional repair industry, it becomes complicated for fleet managers to adapt to today’s digital landscape. Fixico’s pioneering approach is built upon these trends and guarantees the optimal handling solution for each repair, from every perspective.

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Fixico offers exciting careers and an inspirational work environment, please have a look at our open positions.

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