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Reshaping the industry’s ecosystem

Fixico's digital expertise and pioneering approach improve the repair handling process from every perspective; drivers experience an effortless repair journey, businesses increase operational efficiency, and body repair shops optimise their workshop utilisation. Fixico gives access to a marketplace with a network of over 2,500 body repair shops across nine countries. A group of world-class investors backs Fixico, and its services are trusted by more than 200 leading fleet-, lease-, rental- and insurance companies.

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A platform built upon the trends of the evolving repair industry

Current trends in the traditional repair industry require every stakeholder to adapt to today’s digital landscape. Today, vehicles are smarter, safer, and more efficient than ever before; making repairing car damage increasingly complex. Body repair shops need to adjust to these developments by specialising and investing in new repair methods, tooling and qualifications. Next to this, businesses across all industries look for innovative solutions that eliminate labour-intensive and non-value-added activities and meet drivers’ expectation to be able to arrange everything at the touch of a button. Fixico’s platform is built upon these trends and ensures the optimal solution for each repair, from every perspective.

Join the ride

Fixico offers exciting careers and an inspirational work environment, please have a look at our open positions.

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