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Learn how Fixico’s ecosystem helps body repair shops
of any size to optimise workshop capacity and
increase customer satisfaction.
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Benefit from digital repair management




Tap into the damage volume of Fixico’s extensive network of business partners

cycle time


workshop occupancy

Quote based on availability, and plan jobs during low utilized hours to maximize workshop utilization and increase margin

lower costs

Benefit from
specialties and expertise

Save costs while safeguarding repair quality


Benefit from
exclusive aftermarket deals

Gain access to supplies sourced internationally by Fixico, eg. paint

Frequently asked questions


Do I have to sign a contract
when I join Fixico?

No, there is no contract, working with Fixico is entirely optional. Every time you place a quote, you have to agree to the terms and conditions by ticking the checkbox. Make sure you read these terms and conditions carefully.


Can I charge a fee if the client cancels the appointment?

Yes, however, a client may cancel the appointment up to 48 hours in advance without charge. If a cancellation is made within 48 hours, we will send you the client's contact details so that you can charge a 10% cancellation fee.


Can I modify or delete my placed quote?

No, the quote you place is binding, it would not be fair to change it again after the customer has accepted it. However, if anything is missing or incorrect in the quote, you can contact Fixico and we can then change the quote for you.

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How do I invoice a business customer?

Once a business customer has accepted a quote, you will receive a confirmation email from Fixico. In this e-mail, you will find all invoice details. We recommend that you always read the confirmation e-mail carefully, as the invoicing method may differ for each business partner. Of course, all invoice data can also be found in your dashboard by clicking on the tab 'invoice data' in the detailed overview of the order.

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What can I do if I discover that the car has more damage than the photos showed?

If it concerns a business customer, please send photos of the damage via the additional work button to Fixico and indicate what the costs for the additional work will be so Fixico can check with the business customer if they are willing to pay the extra costs. If it concerns a consumer, please contact the customer directly.


How can I ensure that my quote will be accepted?

Everyone is different. However, there are some general rules that can help you. For example, rental companies often prefer short repair times and low prices, while consumers mainly look at the combination of price, distance and reviews. To receive tips that apply to specific business customers, you can always contact your account manager.

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