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one system to save time and reduce manual work
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API integration

Fixico's API creates a seamless and easy damage intake process. It saves time by preventing copy-pasting data between different systems, provides a simplified way for drivers to create damage reports automatically, and streamlines the damage intake process into one place. Easily integrate your existing systems via our API and handle the damage repair process effortlessly.

Partners’ existing systems can easily integrate with Fixico’s API

Our API integration has 3 tiers, dependent on partners’ needs and technical capacity


Submitting damage reports

Save time by using one centralised system for all damage intake

Lower indirect costs by eliminating manual work and create damage reports automatically

Best suited for:
Partners with a basic tech capacity who have experience in using Fixico’s partner dashboard and want to simplify the damage intake process



Submitting damage reports and receiving status updates

Basic benefits, plus...

Save time by receiving real-time status updates of the car repair

Best suited for:
Partners with a larger tech capacity who have experience in using Fixico’s partner dashboard and want to synchronise data into their existing system



All actions from partner systems

Basic and standard benefits, plus...

Authorise repairs, compare quotes, approve invoices, and archive completed reports

Operate fully in your existing system with Fixico powering the damage repair handling process in the background

Best suited for:
Partners with an advanced tech capacity who already have experience using basic/standard integration


Streamlined intake process

A step-by-step look at our Basic integration intake process

Easy and secure

Each of our repair handling services can be directly integrated with existing systems. Our API is compatible with any claim and repair management software applications and is fully GDPR-compliant to protect customer privacy and company data.

Discover how OMI benefits from Fixico’s API integration


"With Fixico, we have lower costs, fewer cash-payouts and a much more efficient workflow for everyone involved."

Mickesh Maharaj, Head of Recoveries, Liabilities & Litigation, Old Mutual Insure

Old Mutual Insure (OMI) is one of South Africa's leading insurance companies. Our digital solution became an integral part of OMI's claim settlement process and has optimised cycle times, lowered costs and increased customer satisfaction.

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The go-to solution for leading brands


"Fixico’s innovative proposition improves convenience, reduces costs and saves time."

Thomas Buberl, Chief Executive Officer, AXA Group


"We've teamed up with Fixico to bring a pioneering solution to the fleet market."

Al Pijnacker, Managing Director Automotive, Aon Belgium

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