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Digitalise the damage intake process and offer a frictionless
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Effortless damage intake

Today, the process of repairing car damage is disparate, involving many different stakeholders who all have to coordinate repeatedly with one another. Not only is this time-consuming and inefficient, but it can also lead to miscommunication, adding further costs or compromising repair quality.

Via digitalisation, it is now possible for users to schedule their repair within a day after reporting their damage, at a date that suits their schedule, at a qualified repairer in their direct vicinity, without having to waste time on phone calls, emails, and in many cases even driving back and forth for a physical inspection.

Digital journey

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1. Easy damage intake

Users report damage within minutes by uploading photos in Fixico’s web app or via partner-preferred systems

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2. Convenient planning

Users plan their repair appointments on dates that fit their schedule in just a few clicks

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3. Insightful repairs

Users and managers receive real-time updates throughout the repair process

Fully customisable

Fixico adapts to you

Offer a personalised repair experience

Fixico’s white-label solution can be fully customised with partners’ logos, fonts, and colours to match the brand standard and create a unified user experience. The browser-based web app adapts to any device, such as smartphones, tablets, or computers, to give users maximum flexibility and provide a frictionless car damage repair journey.

A frictionless experience

Fixico’s digital intake process ensures a seamless experience for drivers and managers. Drivers can submit damage fully digitally within minutes, handle the repair from start to finish in a user-friendly digital environment and be up-to-date with automated notifications. Managers get a complete overview of their organisation’s entire repair handling, can manage repairs from a comprehensive dashboard with the click of a button, and benefit from streamlined workflows and an integrated brand environment.

Discover how to improve the repair journey with digitalisation


"72% of European consumers expect companies to use new technologies to create a better experience."

Digitalisation is reshaping user expectations across all sectors, including car damage repair handling. Drivers now expect nothing less than a seamless repair journey that reflects the comfort and ease they’ve grown accustomed to through other services. Download our whitepaper to find out how digitalisation improves customer experience.

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