Everything there is to know about handling repairs of ADAS-equipped vehicles
Industry insights
ADAS bring new challenges in handling car damage repairs, here's everything you need to know.
How Fixico identifies the optimal repair solution for each car damage
Allocating repairs has become an essential aspect of car damage repair management, explore our real-time tendering and intelligent steering options.
The understated effect of electric vehicles on repair management
Industry insights
Why the cost and duration of electric vehicle repairs can be higher and what can be done to optimise them.
How Ballast Nedam lowered its car damage repair cost by 27%
Partner spotlight
The construction company improved drivers’ satisfaction, lowered repair costs and reduced cycle times.
CTG and its drivers benefit from digital car damage repair management
Partner spotlight
Digitalisation has improved CTG's car damage repair handling process on every metric.
Positive Thinking Company has a new way of handling car damage repairs
Partner spotlight
PTC has lowered repair costs, reduced driving distance, and increased driver satisfaction tremendously.
How leasing company Mobility Service lowered repair cost with 30%
Partner spotlight
With Fixico, the leasing company has lowered costs and increased driver satisfaction significantly.
Why car rental company Diks embraced digital car damage repair management
Partner spotlight
With Fixico, car rental company Diks has lowered repair costs by a third and reduced cycle times significantly.
How digital repair management improves day-to-day operations
Industry insights
Three ways in which digital car damage repair management can enhance productivity
Is your repairer network a match for your vehicles?
Industry insights
Why is network assessment so important and how can companies get started?
Three ways to accelerate car damage repair handling
Industry insights
Advanced vehicles increase cycle times, Here are some tips to speed up the process.
What the future of repair allocation looks like
Industry insights
Why is the traditional repair allocation in need of an upgrade and how can fleet managers improve their processes.
How fleets reduce costs in an increasingly more expensive repair industry
Industry insights
Why have repair cost been increasing and how can fleet managers turn the tide?
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