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Fixico’s 'Repairathon' assists in large repair volumes in a short amount of time
It’s clear that de-fleeting can be a frustrating experience for both companies and body repair shops. However, Fixico’s solution is well-suited to alleviate this stress.
How Autohopper digitally reshaped its car damage repair handling with Fixico
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Find out how one of the largest Dutch rental companies reduced repair costs and cut down cycle times, all while safeguarding the repair quality of their fleet, by using Fixico's digital platform.
How Aon digitally reshaped their clients’ car damage repair handling with Fixico
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Digital repair management helps Aon offer its clients an efficient and high-quality repair solution that meets driver expectations
How Old Mutual Insure digitally transformed its recoveries and liabilities claim settlement process
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Digital repair and claim handling has optimised OMI's cycle times, lowered costs and increased customer satisfaction
How Ballast Nedam lowered its car damage repair cost by 27%
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The construction company improved drivers’ satisfaction, lowered repair costs and reduced cycle times.
CTG and its drivers benefit from digital car damage repair management
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Digitalisation has improved CTG's car damage repair handling process on every metric.
Positive Thinking Company has a new way of handling car damage repairs
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PTC has lowered repair costs, reduced driving distance, and increased driver satisfaction tremendously.
How Fixico digitalised the end-to-end repair handling process for Mobility Service Nederland
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With Fixico, the leasing company has lowered costs and increased driver satisfaction significantly.
Why car rental company Diks embraced digital car damage repair management
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With Fixico, car rental company Diks has lowered repair costs by a third and reduced cycle times significantly.
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